Monday, June 18, 2012

Line of Sight

Line of Sight film  – Available on DVD July 1st 2012

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What you missed in Chicago...

World Naked Bike Ride

"Chicago will forever be the town that allowed me to be publicly naked for so long that I really looked forward to putting my pants back on"  -uNKy jOIns (me)

start of the day
standing naked in an alley way making idle chit chat
ride begins
naked frisbee in a parking at half way point
I had a permanent creepers grin

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer Update 2012

Well, here we are at the beginning of June and I think it's about damn time we gave you all an update on our comings and goings. Since this is our off season, we have no KC Sprints events planned and are focusing on more important things like porch drinking and pub crawls.

For starters, over Memorial Weekend there was the Pedaler's Jamboree. A 32 mile bicycle tour of the Katy Trail from Columbia, MO to Boonville, MO. For those of you who have never ridin the Katy Trail, it's a repurposed railroad that it flat as hell and made up of crushed gravel...

You can think of it as a more crowed mini RAGBRAI with better music. Not that there's as many people on the ride as ol RAGBRAI, but when you send 1000 people down a dirt trail that's only 8' wide, you're gonna want to to stick something in the spokes of everyone you pass. Good times. Thank you to Jevon and his magical water bottle of moonshine.

This up coming weekend I'll be representing the KC Sprints crew in Chicago for theWorld Naked Bike Ride Day. Zeek is hopeful for photos, but not the ones I'm going to show him.

Speaking of Zeek, these are here...

send me address' at and I'll stick some in the mail for yas.

Next on the agenda, Wizard Staff's Across the Universe brought to you by All Hail The Black Market is coming up on June 23rd.  Hopefully this year KC will be on time instead of the day late poor showing we had last year. Details on whether or not we get together or just sit at home and be alcoholics in our houses, by ourselves are still unclear. Regardless, it will be time to celebrate.

This time of year every other word I will speak is RAGBRAI. If you don't know why, get your head out of your ass. Exhibit A. Exhibit B.

Lastly, it is time to start planning THE PUB N' PEDAL 6. That's right 6 years. Kansas City's only bicycle photo scavenger hunt, race, pub crawl. Last year we had close to 100 people show up for the event and only one Emergency Room visit. Planning is still in the early stages and more information will be shared as the event draws closer. At the moment I can tell you the date will be September 15th, so keep the calendar clear, and make sure you have your hangover cure ready.

Hope you all have a good summer and we'll see yas soon. Keep the rubber side down till then
uNKy jOIns