Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kansas City race

Satuday February 20th, KC Sprints returns to our home town at Swagger. Come out and race some bikes, win some prizes, drink some beer, and do your best to avoid the bucket.

See you there
uNKy jOIns

Friday, January 29, 2010

Beer Runner @ Draft Magazine

Draft Magazine is a publication dedicated to fine spirits, and ales, and those who drink them. Check out KC Sprint's blurb. I'm afraid Corky may never live down that photo.

Long live George Wendt!. Happy Friday, y'all.
uNKy jOIns

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Humble beginnings

Below is an article from a free local Kansas City publication called INK Magazine about us. Issue came out last year in April in the midst of our opening season about our very first race. As you can see from the photos we were running sprints off of a tiny box with 4 lights up each side, had no way of stabilizing the rollers. Races were limited to 250 meters. Live and learn, live and learn....
Big thanks to Landon, Verb, and Susan of the MPLS Coldsprints crew for showing us what the system could become and giving us a few ideas to improve. Below is a little press from The Pitch we were able to get when they came through back in March '09


Time to get rowdy MPLS style

Springfield photos....

Finally getting around to posting photos. Short race that lasted about an hour and a half, but it was a rough hour and a half for those who were riding. People were maybe taking a break for a round at a time and then hopping back up into the saddle for more.


We ended the night with a good ol' beer race. Winner is one who finishes the sprint and downs a beer before their component.

This vomit session happened  right after he won. We gave him a bottle of vodka for it.

 If I can say one thing about the folks in Springfield, they are masochists. Great job to everyone who rode and thanks to everyone who braved the rainstorm and came out to support.

You can find all the photos I took from our trip to Springfield HERE. If you know of anymore floating around out there on the interwebs send me a link at: . We'll be sure to get them posted.

Thanks again for coming out
hugs and pinches
uNKy jOIns

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Race Results

Progress at this point is slightly grim.
Springfield was fun though and even with the torrential rain and last minute venue change we had a resonable turnout. James got the big win for the night taking home the trophy, giro sunglasses (which promptly fell off) and other fun prizes to be identified when jones posts the photos. Thanks to all who came out, sorry I'm a klutz and your times are trapped in a headless netbook with an encrypted ssd drive.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


I will have the Springfield results posted when I solve this little problem.
Baby took a tumble and broke his little head.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

and the photos keep coming

I know, I know, we keep talking about Lincoln, but hell, here's another fantastic set of photos by Lucas Marshall

You can find the rest of the set HERE

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Here it is in all its glory!!!!!!

hells yeah. 4 days to go!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

More from KC Sprints does Lincoln

KC Sprints Lincoln, Nebraska Saturday January 16, 2010 at Duffy's Tavern from Cornbread on Vimeo.

Thanks Cornbread for the video

Photos from Enrico Fuente

Photos from uNkY jOIns

Photos from the One Eyed z

Photos from the PCL (on FaceBook)

Good times had by all.
A big thanks goes out to:
The Pirate Cycling League, Folks from Lincoln, Mark Anderson, and Specialized for their help getting additional prizes & swag (I think almost every shop in Lincoln was represented. Awesome!!)
Hoss & everyone who helped in getting the word out to the masses (Hit up D Street of your replacement bottle of vodka buddy).
The Lincoln Journal Star for coming out and putting a piece on us in Sunday's paper.
Along with the guys at the D Street bike hotel for a place to crash (enjoy the vodka).

Thanks again to Lincoln for coming out to play!
We'll be back for another race in Lincoln for sure!

Also a big thanks to our sponsors this season:
Eighth Inch
Chrome Bags
Twin Six
All Hail the Black Market
Honor Vodka

Monday, January 18, 2010

Use the Bucket...

Caitlin uses the bucket - Lincoln KCS

Use the Bucket...

Thanks for the good times Lincoln

Ok here we go....

All our photos from Lincoln are now posted on my flickr and Zeke's flickr. Here are a few of my favorites...

In short, Lincoln kicks ass. Thanks to CVO, Mark from Specialized, and Cornbread for putting the whole thing together and giving us a place to crash. By far the best race we've done to date and we're ready to go back for more. Thank you to all those who came out and participated. You guys sure do know how to have a good time. For more info on Saturday's race and some more photos check out or see the artical that came out the next morning in the Lincoln Star Journal

Springfield, you guys have some mighty big shoes to fill. We'll see you next weekend.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

duffy's grudge match two

Rank Name Best Time
1 ERIC BRUNT 23.739
2 AARON 24.987
3 CVO3 25.17
4 CVO 25.348
5 JOHN 25.654
6 JUSTIN 25.85
7 BRENT 26.616
8 JULIO 27.102
9 BONZIL 27.23
10 cvo4 29.123
11 zack 29.531
12 SCOTT COZARK 43.571

lincoln grudge matches one

Rank Name Best Time
1 JESSIE 22.035
2 MATT 2 22.42
3 ADAM 23.126
4 DANEO2 23.667
5 ERIC BRUNT 23.739
6 MR T 24.155
7 JEVON 24.583
8 MALCOM 24.63
9 MALCOLM 24.779
10 JARED 24.829
11 CORNCOB 24.867
12 AARON 24.987
13 CORNBREAD 25.137
15 CVO3 25.17
16 DANEO 25.25
17 CVO 25.348
18 CLINT 25.381
19 ANDY 25.409
20 ADAM2 25.607
21 ZEKE 25.634
22 KEVIN 25.689
23 KC GREG 25.714
24 TIM 2 25.774
25 BROOK 25.903
26 ZEKEFUXK 25.928
27 DAVE KOSARK 25.959
28 MATT 26.412
29 CWO 26.56
30 CONRAD 26.747
31 SCOTT 26.819
32 JORDAN 26.894
34 RHINO 2 27.144
35 ORTIZ 27.341
36 MATTHEW 27.448
37 CVO2 27.632
39 CVO 2 28.548
40 EMILY 28.803
41 MANDI 28.869
42 AMBER 29.122
43 CORY 29.164
44 SARAH2 29.249
45 BEN 29.672
46 KC CORKY 29.842
47 ZEKE2 29.934
48 MOLLY 31.478
49 MELISSA 31.608
50 PHANTOM 31.715
51 RHINO 33.171
52 JONES 33.781
53 PADDY 34.745
54 AADRIAN 35.18
55 TIM 36.321
56 MR. FABULOUS 44.632
57 EM 49.532
58 SARAH dnf
Rank Name Best Time
26 ZEKEFUXK 25.928
40 EMILY 28.803
41 MANDI 28.869
42 AMBER 29.122
44 SARAH2 29.249
46 KC CORKY 29.842
47 ZEKE2 29.934
48 MOLLY 31.478
49 MELISSA 31.608
57 EM 49.532
58 SARAH dnf

lincoln tournament results

Rank Name Best Time
1 JESSE "THE BODY" 21.286
3 SHAUN 21.711
4 THE LUCAS 21.962
5 ASHTON 22.178
6 MATT SETZER 22.184
7 ZACH 23.144
8 WILKENS 23.175
9 ERIC BRUNT 23.739
11 SUPA SHANE 24.19
13 LIL' TIM 24.654
14 BHC 24.717
15 SLIGHTLY OFF 24.836
16 CORNBREAD 25.137
17 CHRIS 25.186
18 DANEO 25.25
21 CVO 25.348
22 VE-LOW 25.444
23 RHINO ALBEEZ 25.547
24 ADAM HOHBEIN 25.611
25 SCOTT G. 25.979
26 M. ZANOLI 26.305
27 NATHAN 26.676
28 CONRAD 26.747
30 JAKE 27.125
31 CHRIS J. 27.502
32 DON JUAN 27.578
33 CRUSTY HOBO 27.762
36 EMILY 28.803
37 VOO DOO LADY 31.277
38 HOSS 44.087
Rank Name Best Time
36 EMILY 28.803
37 VOO DOO LADY 31.277

a little press

lincoln press

Friday, January 15, 2010


Talked to my contact weekend we will be at Lindberg's sprinting our asses off to the timeless sounds of Sweetwater Abilene. The band is having there their new CD release party that night and we're looking to help them celebrate. Hope to see you folks out

hugs and pinches
uNKy jOIns

Thursday, January 14, 2010

fotos, new flier

All is set and ready to go in Lincoln. System testing before the weekend went well and I got all of my laundry done at the same time

Notice the wet pile of clothes in the midst of all the electronics.

Also received a new flier for the weekend. Same info but brand new look. Lincoln, we're a comin to steal your girlfriends.

And finally, if ANYBODY knows where we are supposed to be in Springfield next weekend it would be great if they could shoot us an email at Venue got changed last minute and I can't get a hold of a contact to get the information. fun fun fun. help is appreciated. i'm getting ahead of myself. one weekend at a time, one weekend at a time.

Before I forget, if you're in the west Des Moines area and looking for some good ol' sprints action, be sure to keep an eye out on goldsprintsfx

System is being tested and races should be starting soon.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Springfield venu change

We will no longer be at the Outland Ballroom on Jan. 23rd. The venue has changed to another bar in Springfield on the same night. We will be in the bar with one or two bands playing. I will have the flier up as soon as the bar sends it over. Slight change but it still will be a damn good time. more to come.......

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Open Sprints Stats

I'm working on getting the stats from the last race loaded to the national opensprints tracking page, however the entire system just had a major overhaul (zero level drive rewrite). So it'll happen when it happens, for now take a look at the scene around the country. As always cordially yours and I'm not your fucking mommy go cry to someone else.
-Jevon Carlson