Thursday, September 27, 2012

PUB N PEDAL 6 results (finally)

I want to start off by saying a BIG THANK YOU to all the participants and sponsors that came out and made race day as much fun as it was. We had perfect weather, plenty of beer and 100 people that dedicated themselves to a night of drunken debauchery. Fortunately, no one visited the hospital this year, I'm looking at you Team OPFD.

Here is the manifest from this year's ride:

PUB 'N PEDAL 6:  September 15, 2012

Welcome to the most important bike event in the history of bike events. Here's the skinny.....

Each location on the manifest has an object inside the bar that the team must take a photo with in order for it to count. By each team I mean that everybody on the team must be in the photo. Most likely you'll need to find other people not in the race to take the photos.

You are not required to go to all the locations on this manifest, so go at your own speed and to as many locations as you want. The more places you go to however the better your chance at winning some FABULOUS PRIZES!!!

be at Buzzard Beach by 10pm or your points don't count

This ride is for fun and does not support any sort of charity, political agenda, or advocacy group. Good for you for wanting to have fun, you deserve it....

-         5 points: object in bar on from manifest
-         3 points: bar on manifest, wrong object
-         1 point: per team member that shows up at end crossdressed
-         25 points: What's Happening Lounge, Flo's Polka Dot Lounge, 403 Club, The Chip Shot
-         200 points: Jaudon Roadhouse


Harlings: Hammer & Sickle
Sammy's (KCK): Marmaduke, the lady's man
The Point: The “Bird”
Red Front: Chances are your bartender is pretty friendly
DB Coopers: Can you find the “EDGE 540T”
Swagger: Hey Baby, What time is it?
Caddy Shack: I tawt I saw a puddy tat
Flying Saucer: Plate #237
Grandma's: Adam Sandler had a song about her
Mike's Tavern: I'm sure there's a “I (heart) Troost” sticker there somewhere
The Chip Shot: Why the hell isn't the Chiefs plaque bigger?
Gilhouly's: Show some love to your Tallgrass Brewery sponsor
What's Happening Lounge: Who do you complain to when the bar is closed?
403 Club (KCK): Wait, which street are we on again?
Jaudon Roadhouse: Just a photo of the building and you is fine, hope you had a fun sober ride
Charlie Hooper's: How am I supposed to ride the thing if its on a wall
Bobby Baker's: A drunk Rat
Zoo Bar: Everybody loves a little pussy
Flo's Polka Dot Lounge: Why ruin a perfectly good serving tray
Buddies: Stop Yield Go

Ok, ok, after a few weeks of procrastinating and the constant hounding by a few of you, I now present you with the final race results.

1) Team Stoney Bologna: 21 Points
2) Team Awesome Sauce: 80 Points
3) Team Finger Hut: DNF
4) Team Little Bike: DNF
5) Team Groin Pie Sluts: 73 Points
6) Team Flight of the Navigator: 25 Points
7) Team Squirrels 86'ed: 25 Points
8) Team Pirate Brewing: 50 Points
9) Team Low Dog Rent Fuckers: DNF
10) Team Holmestead: 96 Points
11) Team PBR Street Gang: 90 Points
12) Team Balls 'N Dolls: DNF
13) Team Smack Time: DNF
14) Team What the Fuck: 50 Points
15) Team Pedal Pushers: DNF
16) Team Jayhawk: 35 Points
17) Team Hot Piss: 95 Points
18) Team Oh Shit!: 95 Points
19) Team Killed It!: 74 Points
20) Team Alex: DNF
21) Team Cartoon Crisis Center: 51 Points
22) Team Clip 'N Sip: DNF
23) Team The Homos: DNF
24) Team Pineapple Nutsack: 95 Points
25) Team Just Me: 133 Points
26) Team Sheer Awesomeness: DNF
27) Team Tuxedo: DNF
28) Team Bell Street Mafia: 45 Points
29) Team No Show: DNF
30) Team Kerre: DNF
31) Team Seal Team 7: 5 Points
32) Team Old and Lazy: DNF
33) Team Scumbags: DNF

I cut off point taking at 10pm cause, face it, I wanted to get drunk too. (It's in the rules fools)

Team Just Me: comprised entirely of Megan Coleman

Team Holmestead: Kyle & Abby

Team Hot Piss: Little Jimmy F, Drew Evans, Mike G
Team Pineapple Nut Snack: Jevon, Kristen, Brian G., Paul Nunes
Team Oh Shit!: Black, Idris, Louis, Derek

Good Job, e'ery one. Thank you again to all of our sponsors:
Tallgrass Brewery
All Hail The Black Market
Twin 6
Urban Velo
Taddihogg Cycling Caps
Buzzard Beach

Cheers everyone. Till next time, keep the rubber side down.......

uNKy jOIns

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pub n Pedal 6 is this Saturday!

Don't forget! 
This SATURDAY is Pub n Pedal 6!

What is Pub n Pedal 6? Only Kansas City's very BEST bike ride, pub crawl, photo scavenger hunt!

Registration at the start line (the Oscodrome) along with possible chances to gain bonus points begins at 5 PM.
Jones yells "Go!" at 6 PM.
Keep in mind that this is a FREE EVENT! 

There are still a limited number of event t-shirts available for $20 per

  T-Shirts for Pub n Pedal 6 are now available! See @unkyjoins to purchase yours. Limited stock #pubnpedal
Our t-shirt model isn't attractive or paid

There is also a free keg for "racers" at the finish line.
However, to partake in the keg you need to purchase a cup for $5.
**If you purchase a t-shirt you get a cup at no additional charge.**

This may make the idea of calling the keg free silly but this is done to ensure that the bar tenders get tipped for serving you free beer. All the cup money goes to them.

Don't have a team? Don't worry, just show up and we'll find you a team to play with.
Don't drink? Don't worry, its not required. However, you do need to be legal age to enter a bar, since that is were all the stops are.

If you are "racing" the event keep in mind that there is a time limit.
You and your team need to be at the finish line by 10 PM. 
Everyone on your team must be in the submitted photos. Meaning unless your have really long arms you'll need to kindly ask a bar patron to take the photo for you.
Take photos of whatever you want but this is a photo scavenger hunt so points are only awarded for pictures of the required item(s) (although that being said creative, interesting or shocking photos of items not on the list could get you bonus points or possibly just disqualified and asked to leave).

In most cases the bars don't know you are coming. So don't ruin it for everyone else by being a dick.

Pub 'n Pedal 6 would like to thank its sponsors:

Buzzard Beach
Tallgrass Brewery
All Hail the Black Market
Twin Six
Taddihogg caps
Midwest Cyclery
PGN Financial
KC Sprints

Pub n Pedal 6

See you all on Saturday!