Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Upcoming schedule

Time to get to it, busy Sprints season is upon us.

Info on this flier is subject to change provided we get a band to play with us. If you're in the Springfield area and know of anyone interested you can send us an email at

• Flier for the Lincoln event hopefully up soon •

Got an email saying our stickers will arrive before we head out of town and we're still working on booking our venue for the return to KC. I know, I know, a month off makes us real lazy so now is our time to get motivated. BTW, we are looking at Michelob Ultra to be an added sponsor for our grand return. More info as that develops.

On an unrelated note, the 4th Annual Street Cred race is gearing up with the first of 5 races starting January 2nd....

One event a week with each race being a different challenge. Your points are added together from each race to determine the winner. Prizes are being gathered and possible money purse for the winner.

AAAANNNNNNNNDDDDD...... Stupor Bowl is coming up in February!!! Watch out MPLS, KC is coming to drink all your beer and pee in your bushes...

Till then,
uNKy jOIns

Monday, December 21, 2009

ST Louis polo lock-in

January 16th Polo lock-in info graciously stolen from our good friend Chasm over at Tricycle Trackstands

Saturday, January 16, 2010 - Sunday, January 17, 2010
120 E Catalan St
St Louis, MO, 63139
United States
38° 32' 23.7444" N, 90° 15' 54.9864" W

See map: Google MapsDue to space/capacity issues, food budgets, fair access to the one court in the place, etc. We have decided to limit entry to this event to 80 persons, and to charge 20 dollars per. This will include 4 meals, snacks, beer, water, and coffee.
Games all day and night will be played to 10 minutes. We have a scoreboard with a time clock and a buzzer. 4/5ths of these will be straight pick-up. Once an hour, a called game will be had. These will be distributed by lottery. There will be "quiet rooms" where you can roll out a sleeping pad if you want to get some sleep at some point.
To reserve your spot, please paypal us 20 dollars via Careful records will be kept and full refunds will be given to people whose availability changes between now and January 16th. Full disclosure of all funds taken in and how they were spent will be available after the event.
A block of 20 tickets have been reserved for Saturday night's Blues vs Rangers NHL game. These tickets will be 39 dollars each. We will be traveling by city bus, which is 2.25 each way and happens to go door to door from the Skatium to the Scottrade Center. If you are interested in attending the hockey game, make a note of it in your reservation and, if you are able, send that 39 dollar ticket price at the same time.

Spots are filling up very fast. Kind of bummed I can't go. We'll be in Lincoln the same night doing our thing so I think I'll get over it.

Speaking of.... It looks like the Lincoln event will be a 4pm registration and 5pm race start. Just in time for Happy Hour.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Friday, December 11, 2009

sticker order placed

500 stickers have been ordered and will hopefully be here before we head out of town to Lincoln on January 16th. 2 of the designs below were used in that order. can you guess which ones?

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bikes all but done!

We still have some decal work to do.
We are having some KCSprints down tube decals made up.
Plus the Eighth Inch decals need to go on as well (gotta pimp that sponsor!)
But we've got time and I'm done working on bikes for the day

"RED" bike done
"RED" bike

Bar wrapped.
"BLUE" bike done sans tape
"BLUE" bike

The Eighth Inch Scrambler are considered to be 55cm but with its compact geometry and sloping top tube the shorter racers shouldn't have a problem.
Plus with the 440 seat posts the the generous stack under the stem tall boys, like Jones, should be comfortable as well.
Comfortable enough to race for 30 seconds at least.


Slowly but surely...

The new KCSprints rigs are coming together:

KCSprints "red" bike 1/2 built
"RED" bike

KCSprints "blue" bike 1/2 built
"BLUE" bike

I know I know... those bikes aren't red or blue.
Red and Blue are the color codes Jev uses in the KCSprints computer system to denote which bike is which during racing.
The black bike with the red rear wheel and will have red bar tape.
"RED" bike
The white bike with the white rear wheel will have blue bar tape.
"BLUE" bike
See, there is a method to the madness... somewhat.

These frame sets & rear wheels (bars not pictured) were courtesy of our newest sponsor Eighth Inch new KCSprints sponsor
Check them out and show them some love

The plan was to build them up with completely new parts. Get all hipster-ish with colored cranks and whatnot.
But that can get pricey, plus its the holidazes and some of us fools are broke.
So for now we are swapping drive trains from the "old" KCS bikes on to them so we'll be up and running for our next planned event:
KCSprints in Lincoln, NE January 16th at Duffy's Tavern

Soon as ol' One Eyed z gets them finished up we'll post some completed pics.

Remember its cold out there... wear a coat.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

MPLS ColdSprints

If your in the MPLS area this winter definitely check out the MPLS ColdSprints. We were lucky enough to host these guys last March at our home town venue, Harling's Upstairs. It was a helluva good time. Check out some photos from that race here and here


Monday, December 7, 2009

KC Sprints getting down to business.....

Impromptu KCSprints meeting slowly spins out of control with alcohol, driving to Lawrence, and punching Zeke in the balls....

Needless to say not a lot accomplished but a fun weekend anyway. More to come.

hugs and pinches
uNKy jOIns