Monday, December 21, 2009

ST Louis polo lock-in

January 16th Polo lock-in info graciously stolen from our good friend Chasm over at Tricycle Trackstands

Saturday, January 16, 2010 - Sunday, January 17, 2010
120 E Catalan St
St Louis, MO, 63139
United States
38° 32' 23.7444" N, 90° 15' 54.9864" W

See map: Google MapsDue to space/capacity issues, food budgets, fair access to the one court in the place, etc. We have decided to limit entry to this event to 80 persons, and to charge 20 dollars per. This will include 4 meals, snacks, beer, water, and coffee.
Games all day and night will be played to 10 minutes. We have a scoreboard with a time clock and a buzzer. 4/5ths of these will be straight pick-up. Once an hour, a called game will be had. These will be distributed by lottery. There will be "quiet rooms" where you can roll out a sleeping pad if you want to get some sleep at some point.
To reserve your spot, please paypal us 20 dollars via Careful records will be kept and full refunds will be given to people whose availability changes between now and January 16th. Full disclosure of all funds taken in and how they were spent will be available after the event.
A block of 20 tickets have been reserved for Saturday night's Blues vs Rangers NHL game. These tickets will be 39 dollars each. We will be traveling by city bus, which is 2.25 each way and happens to go door to door from the Skatium to the Scottrade Center. If you are interested in attending the hockey game, make a note of it in your reservation and, if you are able, send that 39 dollar ticket price at the same time.

Spots are filling up very fast. Kind of bummed I can't go. We'll be in Lincoln the same night doing our thing so I think I'll get over it.

Speaking of.... It looks like the Lincoln event will be a 4pm registration and 5pm race start. Just in time for Happy Hour.

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  1. This looks pretty sweet. Right now I'm dealing with some flood damage to my place in Honolulu, but if I get back, I'll attend.