Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Upcoming schedule

Time to get to it, busy Sprints season is upon us.

Info on this flier is subject to change provided we get a band to play with us. If you're in the Springfield area and know of anyone interested you can send us an email at

• Flier for the Lincoln event hopefully up soon •

Got an email saying our stickers will arrive before we head out of town and we're still working on booking our venue for the return to KC. I know, I know, a month off makes us real lazy so now is our time to get motivated. BTW, we are looking at Michelob Ultra to be an added sponsor for our grand return. More info as that develops.

On an unrelated note, the 4th Annual Street Cred race is gearing up with the first of 5 races starting January 2nd....

One event a week with each race being a different challenge. Your points are added together from each race to determine the winner. Prizes are being gathered and possible money purse for the winner.

AAAANNNNNNNNDDDDD...... Stupor Bowl is coming up in February!!! Watch out MPLS, KC is coming to drink all your beer and pee in your bushes...

Till then,
uNKy jOIns

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