Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Something new for Pub N Pedal

We ride bikes. Yes. Most of us drink beer. Yes. but we've never thought about trying to get a worthwhile charitable cause into the mix when planning this thing. This year I'm changing that by trying to help out our local bike coop with a little extra cash.... Here's the skinny.....

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This summer The 816 Bicycle Collective is launching a crowd funding campaign (AUGUST 14th) through to raise funds for the completion of our new building. As an organization, The 816 Bicycle Collective has out grown its current space in terms of capacity and flexibility of programming. Two years ago The 816 bought 3 commercial buildings on 1 parcel at the corner of 31st and Cherry. The 816 owns the buildings out right and have worked tirelessly for the last two years bringing them back to life. We have worked with an awesome contractor for the last year to put together a comprehensive bid to open our doors to the public in Spring of 2014 and prime our adjacent leasable spaces. Our funding goal is $82,816.00, which is perhaps a tenth of the cost this bid would be with most contractors. We need your help to ensure that our goals become a reality. With our own space, our programming can expand to encompass the diverse needs of our community and address the transportation inequity issues many Kansas Citians face.  

All donations, which are tax deductible, collected throughout the campaign will go to the continued rehabilitation of our new space. Specifically, the money will provide 3 new roofs, a new electrical service, reconnection of our plumbing infrastructure, weather proofing the exterior walls, windows, doors, and roofs. In addition, these funds will pay for the rough end completion of the interior spaces, bringing them to a leasable stage. Having below market leasable space will help us sustainably collect capital to fuel our programming, staff, and advocacy work.

For the Pub N’ Pedal, we envision a checkpoint where we host the greatest exploit of capitalism and a tribute to our political theatre; BUYING THE RACE!!! The twist is that all proceeds of this dastardly undemocratic bid will benefit Kansas City’s most honest and true not-for-profit; The 816 Bicycle Collective. Essentially every dollar, or increment of dollars, (somewhere between $1 and $5) donated at the checkpoint from an individual on a team, will net that team an additional point towards the race!!!! The donations will be made live on the website and close out the campaign at 9:00pm!!!

So there you have it. We've finally got our big kid pants on and trying to do some good for the community. Thought this day would never come....

See y'all in September.
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