Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Pub N Pedal: Year 7

You knew I'd eventually get around to updating this thing.

Finally that time of the year has come....


7 Years of Pub N' Pedal. Thanks to you all it has been named one of KC's Best bicycle events. I can't thank you all enough for all the good times and blurry memories and look forward to many more to come.

Get yourself a team of 1-4 people, 1 digital camera per team, locks, helmet, money, etc. Basically anything you'd need for a long night of drunken debauchery.

Registration starts at 5pm
Race starts at 6ish

Location: Corner of Westport Rd & Main St ( in the old Osco Drug parking lot) KCMO

(that's right, we charge nothing for you to ride around with us so you can use the extra money on tasty beverages)

Year 7 we've have some new things in the mix. New bars, old bars, food at the end? what?! 


Ordering 50 shirts. Men's and women's sizes. Limited availability. $20 gets a shirt and cup at Buzzard Beach (still $20 regardless if you don't want the cup). If you want a cup at the final bar for the keg (about an hours worth of beer) its $5. Please note you are not obligated to buy a shirt or a cup. This race is free to enter participate, or just hang out. Can't wait to see you all in September. Hit me up here or email me at kcsprints@gmail.com if you have any questions


You are not required to drink on this ride. Nothing on the manifest obligates you to be imbiding or inebriated at any point.You are, however, traveling through town and walking into some of best dives places in kc if you feel you must indulge....

Thank you to Boulevard Beer this year for signing up as our first official sponsor. We are proud to have our hometown brewery involved with us and hope you show them much love...

We are also happy to introduce the KC Beard and Moustache Club in the mix

Still on the hunt for sponsors and will get them up here as people join up.

Looking forward to seeing your all your faces in Sept. Keep the rubber side down till then

uNKy jOIns