Monday, August 14, 2017

Pub N Pedal 11!!!

Well well well...

Pub N Pedal returns September 16th.

This is PnP 11.... Eleven..

Let that sink in for a minute...


(OMG!! I know, right?!?! WTF??
Eleven years of this madness?
Why do you people keep showing up?)

So mark you calendars, find/make some friends, get a bike, a digital photo taking device, and perhaps a bike lock.

You know the drill.

Or wait... Do you?

See our FaceSpace event page for details although mostly its TBA.


PnP 11 will start at the Velo Garage and Tap House in NKC
(Sign up start at 5, Event starts at 6)

There will be more stops.

There will be a finish line party.
(Last year there was nudity, no promises this year)

There will be beer (there will be a keg at the end just keep in mind that Jones pretty much is trying to drink it all himself so don't dilly dally if you want some)

There will probably be boxed wine (looking at you 8 Lumans squad)

It will be fun (ideally).

You will get laid (probably not) or just drunk (possibly/maybe but not required).

You'll make new friends ("Just because we both ride bikes doesn't make us friends")

You'll explore parts of the city you've never been too (use the buddy system).

You'll see the inside of bars you've only ridden past (don't be scared).

It could be the greatest night of your existence (or possibly the worst).

Sound good?


See you on the 16th.

PnP squad

uNKY jOINS, OEZ, & KC JEvjev (who is dead to us)

                                               *not this years logo but I had it on file and wanted a photo