Monday, September 23, 2013

Pub N Pedal 7 recap

Once again I have an empty spot in my life now that PNP 7 has gone and past. Here is you final count for the evening

24 teams
78 official riders (not including those who showed up at the end of the race)
$411 donated to 816 Collective
40 shirts sold
2 kegs drained
unknown lbs of pork butt consumed
1 drunk guy with a megaphone
0 emergency room visits

Very successful evening of wobbly shenanigans had by all. Thank you and congratulations to all riders (that last stat is one I was worried about) 

Here are the team recaps (I apologize for misspelling your name, Zeek's handwriting sucks)

1st Place
Big Butt Lovers: Andrea / Sam / Gabe / Deuser
125 pts + $253 donation points = 378 total points

2nd Place
Dirty Rice: Pablo / Shara / Chris / John
123 pts + $52 donation points = 175 total points

3rd Place
Scalywags: Jacob / Todd / Brandon
130 pts

4th Place
Marmadukes: Patrick / Rachel / Felica
80 pts + $45 donation points = 125 total points

5th Place
Plum Heads: Justin / Tom / Melissa / Jessica
75 pts + 40 donation points = $115

6th Place
Low Rent Dog Fuckers: FC / Nate / Jevon / Paul
50 pts + $47 donation points = 97 total points


Here are the rest of the teams stats

Bend Over: 85 pts
Third Wheels: 76 pts
Manicorns: 75 pts
Team Michael: 60 pts
#TeamFratBoy: 48 pts
Crash Monkeys: 40 pts
Vulva Bikers: 40 pts
Primary Warriors: 30pts
Doris: 25 pts
Penis Grabbing Penis Grabbers: 25 pts
Pedalphile: 20 pts
Porn Devils: 9 pts
Proud as a Peacock: 5pts
Two Wheeled Connection: DNF
Roll It Solo: DNF
Slow Spokes: DNF
Clark Kents: DNF
Blaverchuck: DNF

Maybe I spoke too soon about the emergency room visits. Someone check on all the DNF teams and make sure they're alright. Anyway.....

Here's some photos:

Thanks again everybody who came out and all of our wonderful sponsors (I would kiss them all if distance and restraining orders were not a thing)

Boulevard Brewery
Buzzard Beach
KC Beard & Mustache Club
Twin 6
Urban Velo
Paul Nunes
Eighth Inch
The Pitch

Looking forward to seeing you all out for year 8.

Cheers from the KC Sprints crew
uNKy jOIns, OE ZEEK, Kc Jev jEv

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Saturday is the Day!

This Saturday! Pub N Pedal 7! Join us for the best bicycle pub crawl/scavenger hunt/"race" in Kansas City. See for details. Oh... and it's FREE to play!

Got your bike ready?
Got your photo taking device?
Got a team*?
Got a few hours to spare on Saturday night to ride bikes around KC, hustling from bar to bar taking pictures of crazy shit**?
We hope so because Saturday night it all goes dowwwwn....
Pub N Pedal 7 
Kansas City's BEST bicycle pub crawl/photo scavenger hunt/"race"/drunkn shit show***
Lets do this!

*No team? No problem. Just show up. We'll find others like you and make a team. Savvy?
**Photos of actual shit may get you bonus points OR it may just make us shake our heads at you wondering what your problem is. 
***No drinking is required during PnP. However, all the stops are in drinking establishment therefore you should be of drinking age to participate or bring a legal parent or guardian (yeah dude, bring your mom. Jones is.)