Thursday, February 23, 2012

does want

First thing in the feed this morning and just thought I'd share....

Rack brought to you by Vallie Components. You can find their blog post write up about it here

Thanks Chasm and Mark for adding yet another item to my want list.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Our little Intern is all grown up.....

Riding suits downtown living and keeps bike courier fit

The Kansas City Star

A fixed-gear bike and some satchels are all Rudy Gonzalez needs to get around town for his work as a courier. “It becomes part of your day to hop on your bike and get going,” says the 23-year-old, who also enjoys photography and cycling events.
A fixed-gear bike and some satchels are all Rudy Gonzalez needs to get around town for his work as a courier. “It becomes part of your day to hop on your bike and get going,” says the 23-year-old, who also enjoys photography and cycling events.
Drawbacks to cycling, according to Rudy Gonzalez of Cowtown Couriers: Drivers who are texting and shouts to Rudy Gonzalez doesn’t have a car, and he doesn’t want one. Weird, huh?

No, he’s one of these people you see zipping around downtown, midtown and beyond, in any weather, on his bike. It has transformed his body, now a lean machine, and his wardrobe, now full of sleek pieces that slice the wind and wick the moisture.

This interview wasn’t the first time he had heard the question: “Why don’t you just get a car?”

He had a car. But several years ago the Smithville High graduate living in the Northland decided he was ready to try urban living. He found he couldn’t afford a loft apartment in downtown Kansas City and a car, so he got on Craigslist and traded an old guitar for an old bicycle.

They clicked, he and the bike. Gonzalez, 23, had never felt a close connection with team sports or traditional exercise.

“Now I don’t think of it as exercise at all,” he says. “It becomes part of your day to hop on your bike and get going.”

To work. To the grocery store. He has sacks and satchels in a variety of sizes — and a good idea of how much he can carry. He moved on from his first bike to a fixed-gear model, the kind favored by many urban riders. It calibrates to a single, comfortable speed and doesn’t coast — the pedals always turn.

“I like it because it’s reliable and super-low maintenance,” he says. “And it’s good in bad weather because you have more control.”

He’s not complaining about this year’s mild winter, but he considers snow-biking an adventure. He has outerwear for all kinds of weather and in the winter attaches “Bar Mitts” to his bike for extra hand protection.

“I ride every day, so my body’s used to the weather changes,” he says.

Gonzalez doesn’t have one 9-to-5 gig but several part-time endeavors. He photographs and participates in an array of cycling events, including cyclo-cross, a mix of road racing and mountain biking with obstacles and dismounts, and alley cat races, in which racers are given a manifest and must rush from checkpoint to checkpoint. Gonzalez posts photos at

Art as a Murder Weapon? Just a phrase he heard from the Talking Heads drummer on a live album: “It’s harmless.”

Gonzalez’s latest venture, which he calls Cowtown Couriers, is seriously all about the bike. In January he put the word out that he was launching a bicycle delivery service, and soon enough the owner of Tamale Wizard in the River Market contacted him about lunch deliveries.

He found he could load up insulated, waterproof bags and hit any downtown office in a matter of minutes, more reliably on time than if he had a car to deal with.

Gonzalez has a logo and fliers and is hiring independent couriers. He sees bicycle package and food delivery as an unfilled niche here. And he already has about all the overhead he needs.

“This is probably the cheapest business you can start,” he says.

The big challenge for street cyclists here is jockeying with a sometimes hostile motoring public. Area drivers have long had a reputation for bicycle intolerance. But surely it’s getting better, right?

A little better, Gonzalez allows, but hardly friendly. One wrinkle: More than a few motorists are texting-while-turning-while-driving, which means they’re blind to bicycles at intersections. And Gonzalez continues to hear shouts of “get on the sidewalk,” which is particularly galling. Bicycles have as much right to city thoroughfares as motorized vehicles.

None of that makes him want to give up bicycling for driving. Count on seeing him and a growing number of like-minded cyclists in the lane next to you.

“I’m healthier,” he says. “I’m having more fun. I do my thing. You can do yours.”

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Welp... its Valentine's Day again

Obviously we need dates.
Please help.
Seriously......................... help!

(I might have been drunk, but Jones looks waaaaaaayyy to pleased.)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ideas we get while drinking....

OK.... new KC Sprints event.
Thanks to the f'n Canadians.
3000 meter beer relay... NATCH!

Or if you aren't into relays.... how about aerobics?

Just looking for ways to mix it up a bit this season.
Good, we'll do it anyway.

And if you thought bike polo was cool, try this on for size....

Asian is the new black.... or Jones wishes he was Asian... or.... well thats enough.

One Eyed z

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Due to an untimely amount of snow we were forced to reschedule the Lincoln race at last minute. We are very please to announce that we have secured our original venue at Duffy's on Saturday Feb. 25th. Occupy Duffy's is sure to be a blast and we are expecting a great turn out even with the postponement.

Via CVO:
New Date and Time frame, Saturday Feb 25th 8pm, why so late? the bar stool open is that day, so there will be hundreds, if not thousands of drunk mini golfers roaming downtown that afternoon. The Crew from KC is running out of dates as well, so it was this date, or no sprints this year. Friday night, Split Lip Rayfield is playing across the street. it's gonna be one hellava weekend.

Hope to see you all out.


We will be setting up in Columbia, MO for the afterparty of COMO's Polo Club's Pull Out event on Saturday March 10th. This will be our first time in COMO and looking forward to some epic polo playing and sprints debauchery. I'm taking bets on who goes to the hospital first. As soon as we have a flier I'll get it posted. 

Finally, here's some goldsprints from some dudes in Russia:

Goldsprint from Screaming Tea on Vimeo.

ride bikes, drink tea, calm shit down
                                   -chasm chasm

uNKy jOIns

Saturday, February 4, 2012

KC Sprints - Occupy Duffy's POSTPONED!!

KC Sprints Occupy Duffy's POSTPONED

Welllll.... shit.

Unfortunately Mother Nature appears to have other plans for Lincoln this weekend besides KC Sprints - Occupy Duffy's.
Via our contacts the snow is deep, falling hard & fast, raising the question of us even being able to get into town
So compared to driving a few hours only to realize we can't make it and/or get stranded somewhere the decidison has been made to postpone the event to a yet to be determined date. Assuming that Duffy's will still have us (although we are sure they will).
We love coming to Lincoln & want to put the race on. It will just have to be a different day.

Sorry folks. Have fun playing in the snow.

We are gonna drown our sorrows with some afternoon drinking and maybe go heckle the KC Street Cred event.

Friday, February 3, 2012


just another reason to love the

via Hoss
If you’re looking for something interesting to do Saturday evening –
swing on down to the KC Sprints via Lincoln at Duffy’s on Saturday Night | 6pm Start | goes all night | $2.50 Summit EPA Pints (That's Cheap)! Free Summit Glass with your first Pint! Boom-Shaka-Laka | +LIVE PRINTING! Check out the sweet tees $10 - $15 (That's Cheap TOo)!
The KC Sprints crew will be leaving here tomorrow morning and hopefully will survive any inclement weather we encounter. Prepare you legs and your livers!!!!
suck it up,
uNKy jOIns