Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Due to an untimely amount of snow we were forced to reschedule the Lincoln race at last minute. We are very please to announce that we have secured our original venue at Duffy's on Saturday Feb. 25th. Occupy Duffy's is sure to be a blast and we are expecting a great turn out even with the postponement.

Via CVO:
New Date and Time frame, Saturday Feb 25th 8pm, why so late? the bar stool open is that day, so there will be hundreds, if not thousands of drunk mini golfers roaming downtown that afternoon. The Crew from KC is running out of dates as well, so it was this date, or no sprints this year. Friday night, Split Lip Rayfield is playing across the street. it's gonna be one hellava weekend.

Hope to see you all out.


We will be setting up in Columbia, MO for the afterparty of COMO's Polo Club's Pull Out event on Saturday March 10th. This will be our first time in COMO and looking forward to some epic polo playing and sprints debauchery. I'm taking bets on who goes to the hospital first. As soon as we have a flier I'll get it posted. 

Finally, here's some goldsprints from some dudes in Russia:

Goldsprint from Screaming Tea on Vimeo.

ride bikes, drink tea, calm shit down
                                   -chasm chasm

uNKy jOIns

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  1. Not pleased with your use of the word "epic" on our blog. KC Sprints is not epic nor is bike polo.
    Fun yes (at least KCS is but I'm not a polo player) epic hell no.