Saturday, January 29, 2011

KC Sprints at Buzzard Beach...A damn good time.

Back home from KC Sprints at the Buzzard Beach with a quick note before I crash out.

Lots of fun at Buzzard Beach tonight.
Good crowd and some really fast & really close races.
There was some some fast people tonight.

Set up & ready to test
I couldn't find my camera so this is the only picture I got. We should have more coming from Rudy our unpaid intern.

Women's Top 3
3rd - Capt'n Coco
2nd - Pukey C (our favorite puker)
1st - Walleye

Men's Top 3
3rd - Weineis
2nd - TWA
1st - Black (reigning KC Sprints Champion)

Women's & Men's 1st place received: a pound of Broadway Coffee, a pair of gloves from Giro, pint glass from Eighth Inch & a short sleeved wool jersey.
The Women's was a Giro logo-ed Swobo jersey & the Men's was a Surly jersey.

Winner of the Raffle for the CycleOps Al Rollers was George the F.O.G. (Fast Old Guy)
Thanks for coming out George and giving it your all.
Even if most the time you were racing someone 1/2 your age.

Congrats to all of our winners!
We also want a give a big thank you to everyone that came out, all of our supportive sponsors and Buzzard Beach for hosting the event.

Friday, January 28, 2011

In our book everyone is a winner But only some of you will get prizes...

I decided to revamp my prize picks for KC Sprints @ Buzzard Beach Friday night.
Realized I got a little carried away and we'll still need to have some prizes for future races.
But we have some pretty sweet stuff up for grabs for the fastest of the fast.

The top 3 in the Men's and Women's classes of the tournament racing on Friday at Buzzard Beach will win...

Oh you would like to know wouldn't you?
But we aren't telling.
What we will tell you is that Friday nights prize package contains items from Surly, Giro, Eighth Inch, Twin Six, Portland Design Works, CycleOps, GhostShip, UrbanVelo, Broadway Coffee & PBR
It has an approximate retail value of... $525!
And thats not too shabby considering all we want from you is $5 and a little bit of sweat.
OK, a lot of sweat.

Extra bonus!!
We are also having a raffle.
What could you win? This one we'll tell you.
A brand spanking new set of CycleOps Aluminium Rollers!

These rollers have a $280 value!
Raffle tickets will be $5.
The more times you play the better chance you have of winning.
So be sure and buy up those raffle tickets!
You must be present to win.
So no slinking off thinking that you'll get a phone call if you win.
You aren't there, you don't win.
Simple as that.
We'll do drawings until we'll find someone that still there.

So lets review:
Friday night
Buzzard Beach
KC Sprints
8 PM tournament sign ups & Grudge Matches begin
9 PM tournament begins
Men's and Women's brackets
Prizes for top 3 of both classes
$525 in prizes available for the wining
Raffle for CycleOps Rollers
$5 for raffle tickets
Must be present to win

See you Friday night!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

KC Sprints in the Pitch

KC Sprints made the Pitch's online events page. I copied the published story below and added a similar but different photo..

KC Sprints Takes Buzzard

Buzzard Beach
Price: free to watch / $5 tournament / $2 grudge matches
Biking On Your Can
 by Angela Lutz

KC Sprints in Lincoln!The list of things that haven't happened at Buzzard Beach (4110 Pennsylvania) is a short one. In fact, nearly everyone has a story about Westport's most notorious dive. Maybe you slid down the stairs on your ass, after too many 75-cent PBRs, or had an impromptu no-pants party on the patio or evacuated your last-call shots in the parking lot. Odds are, you've never competed in a head-to-head stationary-bicycle race, but now you can also cross that off your Buzzard bucket list. KC Sprints, now in its second season, has held numerous races throughout the metro using stationary bikes rigged with computers to measure riders' speed and distance. Registration starts at 8 p.m.; the cost of competing in the 9 p.m. tournament is $5 (or $2 for one-on-one grudge matches).
Spectators can cheer on the fastest sprinter for free but are advised to keep a safe distance — riders have been known to puke.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Just a reminder... Friday night Buzzard Beach... Time to Sprint!

KC Sprints @ Buzzard Beach January 28th flyer

I started putting together the prizes for the Men's and Women's 1st, 2nd, & 3rd places of the tournament tonight.
A little something for the best Grudge Match of the night
And we are considering a SWEET grand prize for the best overall sprint time of the night.
We've got some really good stuff.
You'll be missing out if you aren't there.

Tournament sign up and Grudge Matches start at 8 PM.
The tournament starts at 9 PM.
Tournament is $5
Grudge Matches are $2 per racer.

So go do Critical Mass at 630 then come on over to Buzzard Beach all warmed up and ready to race.
Or just to have a beer, cheer on your friends & heckle your enemies.
What ever you decide its gonna be a good night and you should be there.

See you Friday!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Thanks Lincoln!

A little video from NoCoastFilms of Sheclismo presents: KC Sprints at Duffy's Tavern Saturday night.
Thanks Elizabeth!

Sheclismo Presents: KC Sprints from nocoastfilms on Vimeo.

Full report of the event coming soon.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Making the papers

From the
(I took the liberty of adding links and the flyer)

KC Sprints Lincoln 2011 poster

Sheclismo, KC Sprints set to host fundraiser for cycling team at Duffy’s

By Emily Walkenhorst

Lincoln is a cycling town, all included.

Sheclismo (‘She' + the Spanish word for ‘cycling') is Lincoln's only all-female cycling team. With members ranging in age from 22 to 69, its presence is known — and growing.

On Saturday, for the second year in a row, Sheclismo and KC Sprints will host a fundraiser for the team at Duffy's Tavern (14th & O streets).

The event will consist of traveling organization KC Sprints' specialty: simulated bike races.
Starting at 6 p.m., bar patrons and registered participants will pedal 500 meters, as measured by computers and attached spedometers, atop stationary bikes. In addition to a planned tournament, attendees will be able to challenge friends and complete strangers to head-to-head races.

One of the founders of Sheclismo, Elisabeth Reinkordt, said last year's fundraiser filled Duffy's to the brim with bike enthusiasts and those just looking to have a good time.

"It's really not a serious event as much as it is for fun," said Dave Kosark, co-owner of Joyride Bicycles, a sponsor of Sheclismo. Kosark described last year's event as "raucous."

Even with the loose atmosphere and semi-drunk challenges, both Kosark and Reinkordt warn: The race is hard.

Reinkordt said fast racers can often finish in fewer than 30 seconds, but added, "When you're up there on the bike, it feels a lot longer."

Reinkordt also said she expects many grudge-match challenges this year from people seeking to even scores.

"There can be a tendency to have a few drinks and want to prove something," she said.

But one thing Reinkordt does not remember from last year's fundraiser was a large turnout of female racers.

Sheclismo is a somewhat new organization, with members who race competitively on roads or mountains and members who simply commute to work by bike every day, even through harsh winters.

Events like KC Sprints at Duffy's are a way of helping Sheclismo financially but are also recruiting tools for the team.

KC Sprints, an organization based in Kansas City, will provide all the tools and bikes necessary for Saturday night.

ScreenInk, a screen printing and embroidery business in Lincoln, will also be on site printing T-shirts throughout the night.

Aside from the flair of impressive technology and energetic atmosphere, Saturday will also be an opportunity to bring a community together.

"For a lot of us who enjoy cycling," Kosark said, "it's a way to get together."

6 p.m.
$2 for head-to-head challenges
$5 for tournament entry


Wednesday, January 12, 2011


The time has come to throw our first official home town event of the season!
Come race your face off at Buzzard Beach on January 28th.
Grudge match races start at 8pm and tournament races begin at 9pm.
This should give you Critical Mass riders plenty of time to man up and beer up before a night of heckling. Can't wait to see you all there....

KC Sprints @ Buzzard Beach January 28th flyer

If your so inclined we also have a facebook group going if you need more info.

Big sloppy kisses
uNKy jOIns

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

KC Sprints Sponsor Update!

We've added a couple more sponsors to our impressive sponsor list for the 2011 winter season.
Returning once again are the fine people from:


Surly offical 2009/10 sponsor of KCSprints


Twin Six


We also have picked up a new sponsor for this season

Broadway Cafe & Roastery

Broadway Coffee KCMO

KC Sprints wants to thank them and all of our sponsors for their support.

Don't forget!
January 15th, THIS WEEKEND, KC Sprints at Duffy's Tavern in Lincoln, NE
January 28th KC Sprints at Buzzard Beach in KCMO for the post Critical Mass party/race off!

Hope to see all you beautiful people at the races!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011