Thursday, January 27, 2011

KC Sprints in the Pitch

KC Sprints made the Pitch's online events page. I copied the published story below and added a similar but different photo..

KC Sprints Takes Buzzard

Buzzard Beach
Price: free to watch / $5 tournament / $2 grudge matches
Biking On Your Can
 by Angela Lutz

KC Sprints in Lincoln!The list of things that haven't happened at Buzzard Beach (4110 Pennsylvania) is a short one. In fact, nearly everyone has a story about Westport's most notorious dive. Maybe you slid down the stairs on your ass, after too many 75-cent PBRs, or had an impromptu no-pants party on the patio or evacuated your last-call shots in the parking lot. Odds are, you've never competed in a head-to-head stationary-bicycle race, but now you can also cross that off your Buzzard bucket list. KC Sprints, now in its second season, has held numerous races throughout the metro using stationary bikes rigged with computers to measure riders' speed and distance. Registration starts at 8 p.m.; the cost of competing in the 9 p.m. tournament is $5 (or $2 for one-on-one grudge matches).
Spectators can cheer on the fastest sprinter for free but are advised to keep a safe distance — riders have been known to puke.

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