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KC Sprints Lincoln 2011 poster

Sheclismo, KC Sprints set to host fundraiser for cycling team at Duffy’s

By Emily Walkenhorst

Lincoln is a cycling town, all included.

Sheclismo (‘She' + the Spanish word for ‘cycling') is Lincoln's only all-female cycling team. With members ranging in age from 22 to 69, its presence is known — and growing.

On Saturday, for the second year in a row, Sheclismo and KC Sprints will host a fundraiser for the team at Duffy's Tavern (14th & O streets).

The event will consist of traveling organization KC Sprints' specialty: simulated bike races.
Starting at 6 p.m., bar patrons and registered participants will pedal 500 meters, as measured by computers and attached spedometers, atop stationary bikes. In addition to a planned tournament, attendees will be able to challenge friends and complete strangers to head-to-head races.

One of the founders of Sheclismo, Elisabeth Reinkordt, said last year's fundraiser filled Duffy's to the brim with bike enthusiasts and those just looking to have a good time.

"It's really not a serious event as much as it is for fun," said Dave Kosark, co-owner of Joyride Bicycles, a sponsor of Sheclismo. Kosark described last year's event as "raucous."

Even with the loose atmosphere and semi-drunk challenges, both Kosark and Reinkordt warn: The race is hard.

Reinkordt said fast racers can often finish in fewer than 30 seconds, but added, "When you're up there on the bike, it feels a lot longer."

Reinkordt also said she expects many grudge-match challenges this year from people seeking to even scores.

"There can be a tendency to have a few drinks and want to prove something," she said.

But one thing Reinkordt does not remember from last year's fundraiser was a large turnout of female racers.

Sheclismo is a somewhat new organization, with members who race competitively on roads or mountains and members who simply commute to work by bike every day, even through harsh winters.

Events like KC Sprints at Duffy's are a way of helping Sheclismo financially but are also recruiting tools for the team.

KC Sprints, an organization based in Kansas City, will provide all the tools and bikes necessary for Saturday night.

ScreenInk, a screen printing and embroidery business in Lincoln, will also be on site printing T-shirts throughout the night.

Aside from the flair of impressive technology and energetic atmosphere, Saturday will also be an opportunity to bring a community together.

"For a lot of us who enjoy cycling," Kosark said, "it's a way to get together."

6 p.m.
$2 for head-to-head challenges
$5 for tournament entry


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