Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Slowly but surely...

The new KCSprints rigs are coming together:

KCSprints "red" bike 1/2 built
"RED" bike

KCSprints "blue" bike 1/2 built
"BLUE" bike

I know I know... those bikes aren't red or blue.
Red and Blue are the color codes Jev uses in the KCSprints computer system to denote which bike is which during racing.
The black bike with the red rear wheel and will have red bar tape.
"RED" bike
The white bike with the white rear wheel will have blue bar tape.
"BLUE" bike
See, there is a method to the madness... somewhat.

These frame sets & rear wheels (bars not pictured) were courtesy of our newest sponsor Eighth Inch new KCSprints sponsor
Check them out and show them some love

The plan was to build them up with completely new parts. Get all hipster-ish with colored cranks and whatnot.
But that can get pricey, plus its the holidazes and some of us fools are broke.
So for now we are swapping drive trains from the "old" KCS bikes on to them so we'll be up and running for our next planned event:
KCSprints in Lincoln, NE January 16th at Duffy's Tavern

Soon as ol' One Eyed z gets them finished up we'll post some completed pics.

Remember its cold out there... wear a coat.

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