Thursday, January 14, 2010

fotos, new flier

All is set and ready to go in Lincoln. System testing before the weekend went well and I got all of my laundry done at the same time

Notice the wet pile of clothes in the midst of all the electronics.

Also received a new flier for the weekend. Same info but brand new look. Lincoln, we're a comin to steal your girlfriends.

And finally, if ANYBODY knows where we are supposed to be in Springfield next weekend it would be great if they could shoot us an email at Venue got changed last minute and I can't get a hold of a contact to get the information. fun fun fun. help is appreciated. i'm getting ahead of myself. one weekend at a time, one weekend at a time.

Before I forget, if you're in the west Des Moines area and looking for some good ol' sprints action, be sure to keep an eye out on goldsprintsfx

System is being tested and races should be starting soon.

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