Monday, November 16, 2009

New Sponsor for KCSprints

Its official, KCSprints has a new sponsor:  new KCSprints sponsor
Eighth Inch dot Com is setting us up with a couple new rigs for our roller races.
eighthinch sponsorship gear
Should be good.
Thanks to Eighth Inch for all their support


  1. thank you for putting on this event. it was fun and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. glad to see new bikes. a few things.

    1. perhaps have portion of entry fee go towards cash purse for winner.
    2. ensure gear ratio is the same on competition bikes
    3. less downtime.
    4. if downtime cannot be avoided have events or other time fillers to keep crowd engaged.
    5. clarity on advancement process.

  2. Hey Dave G,
    Thank you for coming out. We always appreciate comments and concerns that help us provide a better event. Just wanted to point out that gear ratios are the same. We had the same problem last year and have done everything we can to keep the race as non biased as possible. Hopefully with the addition of the sponsors bikes we can alleviate the worries that the bikes are not equal. Downtime will hopefully decrease as our season progress, as we smooth over our system and streamline the process. A lot of that will be just explaining to racers how the system works before hand and making sure everyone on out crew and the participants understand what they are competing against and how to progress onto the next round. I would like to have other events as filler to keep the everyone engaged. Lastly, all the cash we made over this event does not cover even one quarter of the cost to put the system together and get the event rolling. I would love to have a cash prize for the racers but that means we would have to increase the cost. Overall, this racer was a blast and a great learning experience for the crew. Thank you again for coming out and we will hope we can address this issues to your satisfaction at the next one. rubber side down
    hugs and pinches