Friday, April 2, 2010

KC Sprints Take Lawrence Posters!!!

Posters are a coming. We've been lucky enough to have some high quality letterpress posters donated to us by the lovely ladies at Two Tone Press. Photos are of the typeset being laid out before being blocked in for the production run.

Thank you to Terrible (Tara) Tonsor for the fantastic work she has been doing for us and putting up with all my crap. (I recently hit her in the head with a spatula)
Once the final poster is produced and I get my grubby little hands on it I throw it up on here.

Don't forget, we are one week away from epic racing/drinking at the Buzzard Beach! And now 28 days away from burning down Lawrence with much of the same.

Hope to see you all out and have a great Easter weekend. HAIL ZOMBIE JESUS!!

uNKy jOIns

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