Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ride to Lawrence 6-19-10

To many people the 60 mile trek to Lawrence wouldn't be that big of a deal, but to two people who hardly ever break the 30 mile marker, it's damn near winning the war on drugs. I rode the trusty SS Cross Check while Woody set out on a brakeless fixie with slick tires and 30lbs of crap in his shoulder bag. One thunderstorm, 3 detours, 9 miles of gravel road, and a whole bottle of sunscreen later we reach Lawrence to enjoy the fruits of our labor. Here's some damn photos.....
and Woods wrecked a few times along the way. Can you find the Fuck You Cupcake? Very fun trip and would like to do it again here soon. Let me know if you're interested in coming: kcsprints@gmail.com

uNKy jOIns


  1. I'm down with doing the trip. More so now that you know the route.
    Years ago I rode to L-town for the New Belgium Fat Tire Fest. I didn't have a route, just figured I'd ride west and end up there. Not the case. 75 miles, many back tracks, dead ends and too many hours later I never actually made it. Friends on the way home picked up up just outside of town on their way back to KC.
    Fun fun!

  2. There is no need for gravel, that is unless you want to ride gravel... Plenty of all road routes going to larry. I hear some people even ride the "you can't ride here" portion of 83rd through Desoto.

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  4. The lesson here is never trust google maps. everytime I use it there is some unwanted gravel portion.