Tuesday, November 9, 2010

been super lazy.....

Yes, I know I have to update this blog more often than every couple of months. But its just so damn hard to find the time in between beers.....
Lots of good things coming around.
- We will be setting up in Topeka, KS on December 4th to do a benefit for a bike collective out there. I should have a flier posted soon.
- We apparently are talking to the folks from Lincoln, NE about a return trip (hell yeah! if you enjoy our events this is a must go to. best racing of the year)
- and I'm setting a date sometime in January for our grand return to the Buzzard Beach.

I do have photos from the Pub N' Pedal 4, racing at the Replay Lounge, and other odds and ends. I will get those up as soon as I damn well feel like it, k?

Other news, a group of Kansas Citians are heading to the Midwest Polo Champs in Lexington, KY this weekend. Even though my desire to play polo has dwindled from slim to none this promises to be a great weekend of bike riding and trash talking.

see you all out there
uNKy jOIns

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