Thursday, March 10, 2011

just in case I haven't bugged you enough.....

The quadra-cycle will be bumming around Westport on St. Patrick's Day. Feel free to throw things at me or hop in and help pedal....

I'll be uploading all of the photos I take HERE.

Don't think I ever linked the event Zeek and I did at Arrowhead either. We passed out 700 PBR tall boy cans while riding around the tailgating parties. Zeek nailed some toothless guy in the head with a PBR toothbrush after whipping it at him yelling he needed it. Good times had by all.

You can find all of the photos from that blurry day HERE.

REMEMBER!!!! Buzzard beach, KC Sprints, March 25th!!! AND Replay Lounge, KC Sprints, April 22nd!!! (apparently it's Earth Day when we're in Lawrence)

uNKy jOIns

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