Thursday, January 19, 2012


Thank you to everyone who came out last Saturday for our home opener at the Buzzard Beach. Racing, tasty beverages, bucket using, and full blown 80's dance party was a great way to spend the evening. Congratulations to "Black" for winning in the men's tournament and Katie for dominating the women's bracket, and Zeek for not ending up in jail. These are about the only photos I was able to find of the evening and a big THANK YOU to Jon Peck for keeping sober enough to take most of these photos and proving that we actually accomplished some racing instead of just getting schnookered.

You can see that we are using the GoldSprints FX software on this go around. Hopefully our system will be bug free come time to race next. If you happened to snag some photos or know where we can find them please contact us at

As always, we would also like to thank our sponsors (new and old) for their support this season. We would not have been able to get nearly the turn outs we've had without them (we're just not that likeable of fellas)

Eighth Inch
Urban Velo
Twin Six
Midwest Cyclery

I feel this is the time to mention a fond farewell to one of our longest running sponsors, Pabst Blue Ribbon. They have been there for goldsprints, scavenger hunts, impromptu keggers to pay rent, and pub crawls we've thrown for many a year now. Our dear friend and local representative has decided to leave the company and since she was the cornerstone of PBR in our lives we shall also be saying our goodbyes. Thanks for all the fuzzy memories...  

On the lighter side of things we are now looking for a new tasty beverage sponsor. I'm looking at you Boulevard (winking face emoticon).

Our next race is a personal highlight of our season. This is the 3rd year we will be invading Lincoln, Nebraska. KC SPRINTS - OCCUPY DUFFY'S will take place on February 4th and from the buzz around here in Kansas City we should be arriving with a good contingent of folks to watch, race, heckle, drink, etc. I feel like Lincoln has an idea of how the weekend will go having hosted us before and I hope proper measures have been put in place. i.e. baby proofing D Street. You can also keep abreast with the Duffy's race through

Lastly, the majority of my weekdays when I'm not at the ol 9-5, or coffee shop, or the bar, or putzin around in low gear, I'm at home doodling. Below you see my homage to our Omaha trip... 

What a great weekend. Just thought I'd share....

Hope to see you all out sooner than later.

Hugs and pinches
uNKy jOIns

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