Monday, January 9, 2012

Around the corner...

You would think a group with their first pending event of the new year would update this thing a little more often. I finally have some posters for this weekends Home Opener at the Buzzard Beach. Funny story, I was at home bored and decided to draw my own poster for Saturday:
Let's just say it was one of my more proud drunken doodling pieces. Then I start thinking that no respectable establishment is going to let me post up a picture of Corky vomitting bike parts. Thank tiny Elvis that C. Burt came through with another fine example of graphic design for us:
Hope you all can make it out this weekend.

Also, we are slated for our return to Lincoln, NE on February 4, 2012. Apparently we didn't trash (literally not figuratively) the bar enough last time we showed up so they think its a good idea for us to come back. Duffy's, we're excited for another year of fishbowl inspired racing and poor decision making.

Finally, on a side note... I had the opportunity to go and visit with the GreenSprints Team this weekend in Omaha, NE for their "GreenSprints at the Side Door Lounge #2" event. I have to say that Omaha is a classy town and the people at GreenSprints put on one helluva show. Thank you for putting up with our Kansas City level of intoxication and not running us out of town with pitchforks and torches. Their next event is scheduled in Omaha the same day we are in Lincoln. Looks like we're going to have an ol timey fisticuffs fight between the groups for spectators on Feb 4th.. Ah well, we love those guys regardless. I am trying to lure them down to KC this weekend with the promise of loose booze and free women.

Hope you all have a wonderful week and we'll see you Saturday
-uNKy jOIns

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  1. thanks so much for coming to omaha! we had a blast and apparently (if you remember) you did too. we do plan on heading your way this saturday to see you in full effect on your own turf. thanks again! you boys are great.